The Rolling Gnome is Closing For Keeps

Hey Gang – Big News from The Rolling Gnome Game Café…

The store will be closing for good (or bad, depending on your perspective) on March 31, 2018. Yes, it sucks the store is closing but we hope y’all carry with you all the fun and memories you had here – I know we will. We love you all and there is absolutely nothing you can do about that!

Although we will be busy little gnomes while we wrap up all the bits and bobs, we will continue to host already scheduled events including D&D on Wednesdays and Sundays.

As we transition to closing we anticipate many changes to how we run operations. Please make sure to continue checking our Facebook page, The Rolling Gnome Store, for updates on these changes. You can also call, email or message us with questions, but honestly we would prefer if you stopped by the store so we can see your beautiful faces!

Now, for the good stuff!

• Most new products will be 40% off retail price – some will be 50% to 60% off! • Used games from our game library will be 70% off o FYI: If you pay cash for new or used products we’ll give you an EXTRA 10% DISCOUNT! (excludes fixtures and equipment) • To be fair to everyone we won’t hold items – first come first served, so get what you want while we still have it! • Almost all fixtures and some equipment will be for sale – if you’re curious, just ask!

Here are some of the other changes being implemented immediately:

• We won’t be taking special orders or ordering any new products – what you see in store is what you get! • Pip Points will not be accepted for purchase – but remember, if you pay cash you get an extra 10% discount on top of the already discounted prices, so you could save 50% to 80% depending on what you buy! • All Sales are Final – no refunds or exchanges

What will never change is how much we have enjoyed meeting each and every one of you. Even if you don’t want to buy anything please stop by and see us at least one last time before we close the doors for good. Thank you for your patronage and love – we’ll remember you forever!