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Ant-Man Age of Ultron Rainbow Draft

*Dr. Henry Jonathan “Hank” Pym is back to work. The brilliant scientist and founding member of the Avengers, has been experimenting with the ability to harness energy. As if being able to shrink and transform into Ant-Man isn’t enough, Hank is testing a new identity, Wasp.

In Marvel Dice Masters: Ant-Man OP Events, players will need to help Hank develop the Wasp armor by equipping it with Bio-Electric Blasts. Then, use your powers to fight Ultron before the nanite virus infects the universe. *

Marvel Dice Masters: Ant-Man is a monthly Organized Play event that will drive players into Friendly Local Game Stores for the chance to participate with friends and win exclusive prizes.

Registration starts at 12pm, the Draft starts at 1pm!

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